Happiness is only real when shared

Why do two souls sometimes connect with each other in the easiest way? Why are some people capable of reaching our core in such a short amount of time? I have been travelling for quite a while now and I have met hundreds of people over the past months. But from those hundreds, only a small fraction have given me that special feeling that occurs when everything just falls into place.
I meet these people and no small talk is needed. It seems we already know everything that might matter about one another. Without any bullshit we move directly to the things that are the most important to us in that very moment. They inspire me, impress me, give me a new perspective on old thoughts or just hold me and give me warmth when I need it.
Meeting them gives me the feeling that I am drawn towards them, as if there is kind of a magnetic force that takes away all the effort of a new encounter. They share my most intimate thoughts and right away, nothing else matters. These magic moments do not last for long. Most of the time we spend only a few hours together before our plans send us different ways. But all of these people mark my heart in a special and longlasting way.
Sure, I do not really know them, at least not all of them. But I do know that being with them is like sunspots hitting a spring forest. And to me that is beautiful.


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