Headwind and Hangover

There are times where everything seems to be perfect: you have new ideas and new plans that increase your self-confidence. They make you believe that everything is possible and nothing can stop you. And then there are other times; they usually come right after the good ones. These are the times when nobody wants to hear your ideas; when your new plans don’t turn out the way you thought they would; When you realize that there are a lot of things that can stop you.

It could be way easier: just stick to the old routine. Keep living the way you’ve always lived, keep doing the job you’ve always done, and relax in your free time. Nobody has to reach for the stars; it’s probably much simpler for people who don’t. It’s universal: no one likes to be rejected and for good reasons. An idea that at first sounds so interesting to you might seem stupid later if somebody else declines it. The new plan can collapse upon itself when you’re faced with the misunderstanding or dislike of others.

It doesn’t matter how well we think we know the whole process. For example: An advertisement for a job might be just a formality—they could’ve already selected someone internally. A magazine says that they are looking for new ideas: but they’ve been working with the same authors for a long time and don’t need new ones, only their ideas. It’s nothing personal and you know that. But in weak moments it is very easy to forget all of this. And then our precious self-confidence quickly turns into doubt.

But I like to believe that we don’t really have a choice. People only have a limited ability to choose what kind of person they want to be. And if you are someone who follows your dreams then dealing with rejection will be challenging throughout your life. So, no matter how many times life throws you out of the saddle, you have to get back in there again. Giving up is way too easy. 


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